‘Cruel Intentions’ Is Coming Back to Theaters for Its 20th Anniversary

     March 7, 2019


1999 was an amazing year for movies (you can check out anniversaries calendar here), and yet we’re a couple months into 2019 and there hasn’t been much word so far about anniversary screenings for films like The Matrix, Fight Club, The Iron Giant, The Blair Witch Project, Election, and more. So maybe it’s going to take Cruel Intentions to lead the way.

Sony Pictures has announced that the 1999 film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair will be released for a one-week engagement nationwide on March 22nd. For those who haven’t seen Cruel Intentions, it’s a clever update of Dangerous Liaisons where wealthy step-siblings Kathryn (Gellar) and Sebastian (Phillippe) have a bet that he can deflower the virginal Annette (Witherspoon). It’s a deliciously mean movie and one of the better teensploitation films of the late-90s, early-aughts. If you haven’t seen it, checking it out in a theater is the way to go.

cruel-intentions-posterTo find out where the film is playing near you, check out CruelIntentions.com. And if other studios want to take note and plan re-releases for their big 1999 movies, none of us would mind.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe), two wealthy, manipulative teenage step-siblings from Manhattan’s upper-crust, conspire in Cruel Intentions, a wickedly entertaining tale of seduction and betrayal.  The stakes are high when the duo agrees upon a deliciously diabolical wager of sexual conquest without consequences.  The pawns? The naïve Cecile Caldwell (Selma Blair) and the virginal Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon)…  It’s summer break, and Kathryn has been dumped by her beau, Court Reynolds, for the innocent Cecile.  Desperate to get even, Kathryn challenges Sebastian to ruin Cecile by deflowering her and turning her into a tramp—thus humiliating Court by delivering Cecile to him as damaged goods.  Sebastian has pretty much ‘had’ all of the girls in New York City up to this point, and he’s gotten a bit bored of it all.  Though this is too easy a conquest for him, he obliges. He sets his sights on a greater challenge—the new headmaster’s daughter, Annette, who recently wrote an article in a magazine about how she intends to stay pure until she marries her boyfriend.  Sebastian bets Kathryn that he can seduce the chaste and pristine Annette before school begins in the fall.  Kathryn thinks this feat impossible and quickly agrees to the wager.  The stakes: if Sebastian succeeds, Kathryn must give him a night of unbridled biblical pleasure, something he’s wanted since their parents got married.  If he fails, he must forfeit his priceless 1956 Jaguar to Kathryn and suffer the shame of defeat.

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