CSI: Miami Season 5 Part 1 Region 2 DVD Review

     July 4, 2008

Reviewed by Niall Browne

It’s hard to believe that before my last DVD review of CSI I had never really watched the show. However, a lot has changed – I’m now hooked on the show and its various spin-offs, watching it almost on a nightly basis. Seriously – I never thought that I could ever enjoy modern episodic television again, but the CSI franchise has brought me back to loving TV after almost 10 years in the wilderness. CSI: Miami has all the qualities of the original series, as well as its New York spin-off, only this time it’s even more slick and fast paced.

So what is it about the show that makes it so good?

Firstly it would have to be the production quality. Miami in particular looks amazing – better than a lot of movies. The crisp colours, the lush cinematography – the shows have the “Bruckheimer” sheen all over them – seriously. If you don’t have a big television get one!

Secondly, the storylines of the series are pretty cool. I know, I know, you can say that the show is a bit repetitive and far-fetched. I agree – but this is entertainment. I’m simply looking to be entertained and I’m willing to suspend disbelief for 45 minutes of my evening to do that.

The opening episode of this series (Rio) sets the tone for what is to come: amazing aerial photography, pulsating score and fast edits grab your attention and fail to let you go until the climax.

The star of this show is undoubtedly David Caruso’s Horatio. Having learned his lesson from NYPD Blue, Caruso is at home on television, and it’s easy to see why he is the housewife’s favourite. Every shot in which he appears is framed to give him focus – with his brooding posture and sleek sunglasses – he oozes screen presence. In fact it’s Caruso’s charisma that leads to the shows main flaw; nobody can match the intensity of his performance and the other characters appear to be weak and uninteresting.

The Extras

It has to be said – the CSI DVD’s do not skimp on special features. If you’re a fan you’ll be in seventh heaven with the commentaries and documentaries that are not only highly informative about the production of the show, but they also have a certain amount of entertainment value.

Final Thoughts

Although it may not be the best series in the CSI family it is first rate entertainment. Each episode is shot like a mini-movie with a powerhouse lead performance from David Caruso. CSI: Miami is slick, entertaining and hugely enjoyable. Why not buy it?

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