Watch Highlights from THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART Finale

     August 7, 2015


Last night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart aired its final episode, and it was an incredibly sweet goodbye to the show and to Stewart. Adam and Chris put together a postmortem for the series, but for my part, I’ll just say that Stewart was an incredibly important figure in the landscape of early 21st century journalism. The show’s greatest contribution will be as a media critic, and having to speak truth not only to power, but also to those who should have been doing their job as watchmen. Moreover, he did it with lots of humor and heart, and while it had become clear in the past few years that he had become weary from an unchanging landscape, his contributions were no less valid. While I’m sad to see him go, I’m also excited to see what new ventures he’ll take on. As he reminded us on multiple occasions following his announcement that he was leaving the show, he’s not dead.

And last night’s episode was not a eulogy. It was a celebration of all the lives he touched. Below you can watch some highlights from the episode, which includes many correspondents coming back for one more report, a touching and nerdy tribute from Stephen Colbert, a Goodfellas-style acknowledgement of the many people who worked behind the scenes, and Stewart telling us to be ever-vigilant in our fight against bullshit.