‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ Trailer Arrives, Promises “Same Chair, New Ass”

     August 18, 2015


With the recent news that Jon Stewart will be hosting WWE’s SummerSlam this coming Sunday, the only face to arise from wrestling in some two decades that has made me want to acutally watch a WWE event, it’s high time we heard some word from his stomping ground, The Daily Show. And behold, Comedy Central just posted the first official teaser trailer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which is backed wonderfully by Kanye West‘s King Crimson-sampling classic “POWER.” The wordless trailer promises “same chair, new ass,” asserting that Trevor Noah‘s version of the show will be just as observant, curious, and hilarious as Stewart’s simply unparalleled show.


Image via Comedy Central

The trailer does give off a real sense of confidence, which is not all that hard considering it’s backed by a West joint. Still, it goes a long way to confirming, at least for this reviewer, that the segments on Noah’s Daily Show will be thought of in terms of physical comedy as much as investigative nuances and satirical ribbing, much like Stewart did. Anyone familiar with Noah’s reports on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or, for that matter, his stand-up material knows that Noah has a very sharp and insightful way of phrasing his very personal  political recollections and opinions, and the major question with The Daily Show now will be if he can as easily apply those intimate thoughts to a much more broader landscape. The question also remains who will be filling in as his correspondents, but for now, things are looking optimistic for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Here’s the trailer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which premieres on September 28th on Comedy Central:


Image via Comedy Central