Dakota Fanning Shows Us The Dark Side Of NEW MOON

     January 22, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Straight from the hot bed of hot rumor known as E! Online comes word that actress/cheerleader Dakota Fanning has been offered a role in “New Moon”, the sequel to the teen vamp sensation “Twilight”. Fanning will play Jane, a member of the Italian Folturi vampire clan – a group of vampires that actually act like vampires are supposed to– they suck blood and act scary, only occasionally falling back into the brooding mode more associated with the Cullens.

Fan support for Dakota Fanning was strong within the “Twilight” nation – boosters even took a cue from the Taylor Lautner debacle of 2008 and circulated a petition claiming Dakota was “perfect” for the part. I guess that ploy worked – again. The fact that this movie is getting cast by committee would be a concern to me if I had any hope that “New Moon” could be a good movie. That dream died with “Twilight”.

According to E! Fanning did not have to audition for the role of Jane – director Chris Weitz just saw her talk show skit on “Saturday Night Live” and said “Yes! That’s just the kind of attitude we want in the part!” Then, after Amy Poehler refused to take Weitz’ phone calls, he went out to find the real Fanning and the teen actress has been negotiating “back and forth” ever since. A possible sticking point? Fanning probably wants more money than the “New Moon” producers want to pay her. I therefore encourage Fanning to start a petition asking the “Twilight” nation to raise funds for her salary – either that or she could go and beg on a bunch of talk shows….

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