Watch: Damon Lindelof Plays “Save or Kill”, Is Forced to Choose STAR WARS or TREK

     May 21, 2015


At the recent Tomorrowland press day I landed an exclusive video interview with screenwriter Damon Lindelof. As most of you know. the film stars George Clooney as Frank, a disillusioned boy-genius who teams up with Casey (Britt Robertson), a curious and optimistic scientifically-inclined teenager, to discover the secrets of the enigmatic place known as “Tomorrowland”. The film also stars Hugh LaurieTim McGrawJudy Greer, Kathryn HahnKeegan-Michael Key, and Thomas Robinson and was written by Lindelof and Brad Bird, from a story by Lindelof & Bird & Jeff Jensen.

While I’ll be posting what Lindelof had to say about the making of Tomorrowland on Friday, today I wanted to let you watch him play “Save or Kill.” If you haven’t seen it yet, the game reveals which franchises, characters or bands someone would choose when pitted against another of equal value. Han Solo or Indiana Jones – If you were told you could only save one and the other would be erased from existence, who would you pick? In today’s extended edition of the game, you can watch a decisive Lindelof race through the questions.


Here are some previous editions of “Save or Kill”



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