Dan Fogler – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 6, 2007

Dan Fogler is someone who you may not know yet, but very soon that’ll change. The reason is that while he’s the lead in the upcoming comedy “Balls of Fury,” he’s also starring in about 105 other projects and they’re all scheduled to come out pretty soon. Okay, perhaps that number is a bit of an exaggeration, but he really is in a lot of upcoming projects like “Good Luck Chuck,” “Fanboys,” “Kids in America” and he’s even doing a voice in “Horton Hears a Who.”

And while I haven’t seen “Balls of Fury” yet, I have seen “Fanboys” and Dan’s performance as the Han Solo of the group is my favorite in the movie and the one you’ll definitely remember when you see the film.

Anyway, Dan was at Comic-Con to promote “Balls of Fury” and I got to talk with him for an extended interview and we covered everything. We spoke about all his upcoming projects, how he got into acting, what he has coming up and he even does some Christopher Walken impersonations.

Of course I’d like to take a moment to thank both Rogue Pictures for setting this interview up and Dan for giving me so much of his busy time while at the con. Again, while you don’t know Dan yet… that’s about to change on August 29th when “Balls of Fury” comes out. And with that, here’s Dan.

Dan Fogler Part 1

  • We talk promoting Fanboys at Star Wars Celebration 4 and Comic Con.

  • Talks about walking around con and blending in with ease. He also talks about his reaction to the con. He says it’s like Sundance for geeks.

  • 4:00 in – Balls of Fury talk. He says it’s “Karate Kid with Ping Pong”

  • I ask what’s its like working with Christopher Walken and what are his favorite Walken movies. Dan then does a few impersonations.

Dan Fogler Part 2

  • Dan gives a background on how he got into acting.

  • He gives background on “The Spelling Bee” and winning a Tony Award as well as growing up in Brooklyn.

  • We talk about all the projects he’s involved with – Balls of Fury, Good Luck Chuck, Fanboys, Kids in America (which he calls a lost John Hughes movie).

  • He talks about his theater company and the film he directed called Hysterical Psycho.

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