Has Daniel Craig Signed on for Two More James Bond Films After SKYFALL? [Update: Yes. Yes, he has.]

     September 6, 2012


The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, hits theaters this November, but fans are already wondering about the future of the franchise.  Daniel Craig provided a jolt to the series with the swell Casino Royale, and now it appears that the actor may intend to stick with the character for quite some time.  The fansite MI6 reports that Craig is contracted to appear in at least two more Bond films after Skyfall.  This would be for Bond 24 and Bond 25, putting Craig at five James Bond films total and the third longest-serving Bond just behind Sean Connery and Roger Moore.  Hit the jump for more. [Update: More on Craig’s fate going forward as Bond after the jump.]

daniel-craig-skyfallThere has been no confirmation of this contract as of yet, but MI6 is usually pretty solid and many involved with the franchise have expressed a desire to keep Craig for further films.  Rumors previously swirled that Bond 24 was being prepped for a late 2014 release, but Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli cautioned that it was too soon to be making those decisions.  A 2014 release would make for a fairly narrow window between films for Craig.  The actor would likely want a little room between Bond features to tackle other roles, but there have been murmurs of studio execs wanting to get back to a two-year window between Bond films.

We likely won’t have any firm word on Bond 24 until after the release of Skyfall, but all signs point to director Sam Mendes’ stamp on the series being one hell of a ride. Skyfall opens on November 9th.

Update:  Head over to this article for confirmation of Craig as Bond in the 24th and 25th films, along with runtime information for Skyfall and a behind-the-scenes featurette on the film’s opening sequence.



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