Daniel Radcliffe Is a Drug Runner in Crisis in the First ‘Beast of Burden’ Trailer

     January 17, 2018


Just one last job and he’s out of the life forever. I bet you can guess what happens next — yep, it all goes terribly wrong. Classic Rock enthusiasts look elsewhere because you’ll find no Rolling Stones connection here, Beast of Burden stars Daniel Radcliffe as Sean Haggerty, a drug-running pilot who teams with the DEA to bring down the cartel on the promise of medical treatment for his ailing wife. Naturally, Sean’s last job turns into a nightmare when nothing goes to plan, and he has to chose between his allegiance to the cartel, his deal with the government, and navigating his increasingly tense relationship with his wife.

Radcliffe is a great performer whose consistently made bold, interesting choices in his post-Harry Potter career so I’m always excited to see what he does. That said, this trailer is has that dimly-lit, low-budget thriller vibe that makes me nervous about film’s allover quality. Good performances and tight scripting go a long way, but it’s hard to tell when you can’t see what’s happening on screen.

Beast of Burden arrives in select theaters, on VOD and Digital HD February 23, 2018. The film also stars Pablo Schreiber (American Gods), and Grace Gummer (Mr. Robot), and is directed by Jesper Ganslandt (The Ape) from a script by Adam Hoelzel. Watch the new trailer below.

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