Daniel Radcliffe Hinted to Return in THE WOMAN IN BLACK Sequel, ANGELS OF DEATH

     June 18, 2012


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe may be headed towards another appearance following his leading role in The Woman in Black in the follow-up film titled Angels of Death. However, Hammer CEO Simon Oakes has stated that a second film in the series would be more of a continuation rather than a traditional sequel.

Woman in Black author Susan Hill reportedly has an outline for what happened nearly half a century after the events of the first story, which Oakes said they would plan to follow.  For more on the project and Radcliffe’s potential role, hit the jump.

Hammer describes the film’s plot as such:

the_woman_in_black_image_daniel_radcliffe_01Seized by the government and converted into a military mental hospital during World War II, the sudden arrival of disturbed soldiers to Eel Marsh House has awoken its darkest inhabitant. Eve, a beautiful young nurse, is sent to the house to care for the patients, but soon realizes she must save them from more than their own demons. Despite Eve’s efforts to stop her, one by one they fall victim to the Woman in Black.”

As for Daniel Radcliffe reprising his role, Oakes did not deny the possibility. According to Bleeding Cool, the role would be small. As they went on the say, given Radcliffe’s central role in the first film, it will be interesting to see if audiences accept a move away from the trajectory of that story into new territory. Oakes commented that the new film will be “completely different, with a different story and cast,” so Radcliffe acting as a link between the films may be integral in keeping fans of the original on board.


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