Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner Talk PIRANHA 3DD

     May 31, 2012


With twice the terror and double the D’s of the first film, Piranha 3DD (opening in theaters and available on VOD on June 1st) sees the flesh-eating fish return to sink their razor sharp teeth into the visitor’s of The Big Wet Water Park.  This time there is more insanity, more blood, more boobs and even David Hasselhoff to add to all the zany fun.  The film stars Danielle Panabaker, David Koechner, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Christopher Lloyd and Gary Busey.

At the film’s press day, I had the opportunity to speak with co-stars Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner about what they thought when they heard the title of the film, how things are bigger and more outrageous this time, the evolution of the piranha, more breasts, really committing to making the film funny and real, how they took the most outrageous of every take and put it in the movie, and what they each have coming up next.  Hit the jump to watch:

Danielle Panabaker and David Koechner

  • What they first thought when they heard the title, and how reading the script reinforced their opinion of the film
  • How much bigger and more outrageous things are this time
  • The challenges of blending scares and twisted humor without crossing over into spoof
  • Whether anything more outrageous than what’s in the film will be on the DVD
  • What they have coming up next


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