Danny Boyle Would Like to Spend 127 HOURS with a Man Who Cut Off His Own Arm

     November 4, 2009


After running through the striking slums of India, Danny Boyle will scale it back a bit for his next film and tell a simple story of a man climbing a mountain.  The only problem is that man got himself caught under a boulder and had to amputate his own arm in order to survive.  Luckily for Boyle and us, that’s a much more exciting story and it will be the Oscar-winning director’s next project, titled “127 Hours.”  More after the jump, but be extremely careful on your way down.

A few years ago, Aron Ralston took an impromptu trip to Utah for a weekend climb.  He was an experienced climber, but made an amateur mistake of not informing anyone of where he was going for a climb by himself.  Going down a crevice, Ralston got his arm crushed and stuck between a boulder and a rock wall.  After a few hours of struggle and realization that nobody would be by to assist him Ralston took a dull knife and began to sever his arm just near the elbow.  If that wasn’t enough, he still had to make his way back down the mountain before losing too much blood, while fighting dehydration and never attempting to climb down a mountain with an arm off.  It wasn’t for another few hours before he found a family near the mountain and a helicopter was brought in for the rescue.

I’m not quite sure if Danny Boyle’s film will feature all of that, but it’s hard to imagine cutting out…excising…overlooking what Ralston had to go through.  Variety reports that “Slumdog” screenwriter Simon Beaufoy is in talks to write the script from Boyle’s treatment, and Christian Colson is set to produce.  It’s the same group that brought last year’s “Slumdog Millionaire,” and like that film we can expect a happy ending to a horrific story.  However, there may not be a dance number over the closing credits.


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