Danny McBride Talks EASTBOUND & DOWN Season 3 and Other HBO Projects

     July 17, 2011

Coming to theaters August 12th is director Ruben Fleisher’s 30 Minutes or Less.  The film, which reteams Fleisher with his Zombieland star Jesse Eisenberg, tells the story of a pizza delivery boy who is strapped with a bomb and forced to rob a bank in order to help two hapless criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) raise $100,000 to pay a hitman.  Along the way, Eisenberg enlists his best friend, (Aziz Ansari) to help with the heist.

I got on the phone with Danny McBride earlier this morning to discuss the film.  We’ll have the full interview for you closer to the film’s release date, but today we have a quick update  the upcoming final season of Eastbound & Down, McBride’s other upcoming HBO series and the hints as a possible continuation of the adventures of Kenny Powers.  Hit the jump for the quotes.

Danny McBride image Eastbound and DownCollider: Is season 3 really going to be the end of Eastbound & Down?

McBride:  For us, Jody [Hill] and I had a very specific plan when we set the series up and we just kind of feel like we owe it to ourselves to complete what we thought the life expectancy of the show was and to us it has always been a story with a very specific ending and we’re definitely writing to that ending this season. We have a blast working on the show and  have a blast coming up with material for this character so who knows if down the road this character will have a life outside of this show or who knows if maybe the character will exist in another chapter of the show somewhere down the line. But for now, we’re definitely approaching this, concluding it the way we imagined.

So it’s like a mumblecore version of Lost almost?

30_Minutes_or_Less_image Danny McBride and Nick SwardsonMcBride:  Yeah, exactly. I like that.

Do you have any other plans for shows with HBO?

McBride:   We do, you know, our company Rough House has two other shows set up at HBO right now that are, one of them is based on the Sundance documentary Knuckle, the pilot episode is being written by Irving Welsh and it’s about these Irish Gypsy travelers who indulge in bare knuckle fist fighting to settle their disputes. We also have a show called The Magician, that’s a show about a hitman that we’re developing right now. And neither of these are projects I would be involved in as an actor, just as a producer. Jody and I have also talked about, we love working with HBO, they give us lot of creative freedom. On the set it feels very much the same vibe like when we were doing All the Real Girls or The Foot Fist Way. I mean, you’re given a lot of creative freedom. Even the pace of it is kind of reflective of some of our independent endeavors. So, I think we would love to find more things to work on with them and I think Jody and I would love to put our attention into maybe a follow up to Eastbound or some other type of show.

Look for more of our interview with McBride soon.