Danny Trejo – Exclusive Video Interview

     May 11, 2007

Last night at the Saturn Awards I got to ask Machete Danny Trejo a few questions. Danny is one of those guys that you may not know his name, but you definitely know his face.

Recently he was the star of a fake trailer called “Machete” in “Grindhouse” and it’s been rumored that they might make the character into a real movie.

According to Danny it’s no longer a rumor.

He says that “Machete” is a go and that Robert Rodriguez is planning on actually doing it before “Sin City 2.” While you never know what will actually happen, it’s kind of cool that “Machete” might get made.

During the interview I also asked him why “Grindhouse” didn’t do as well as everyone thought it could. He also tells a good story of being at dinner with Tarantino and Rodriguez and listening to them talk movies. He closes by saying he’s leaving for Phoenix for a movie soon.

And with that, here is Danny Trejo.

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