MACHETE Co-Stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez to Team-Up in SKINNY DIP

     August 30, 2010


It seems as if Machete will not be the only film featuring the combined talents of co-stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez.  In a conversation with 24 Frames, Trejo confirmed that the two will reunite in the indie flick Skinny Dip.  Produced, and potentially co-directed, by Trejo’s 22-year-old son Gilbert, the film is described as a “revenge picture involving a young woman who kills a policeman.”  Also helming Skinny Dip is director Frankie Latina whose 2009 film Modus Operandi also featured the elder Trejo.  While Trejo jokes in the interview that he hopes his son’s presence in the industry will garner him more work, the fine actor’s laundry list of upcoming projects (including another lead role in Vengeance) suggests he can land work all on his own.

For more from Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez, check out our recent interviews with each here and here.  You can catch the two in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete which opens this Friday, September 3rd.

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