Warner Bros. Descends into Hell with ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Movie

     August 20, 2015


When Dante Alighieri was composing his epic poem “Divine Comedy” in the early days of the 14th century, I’m sure he was thinking, “This will make a kick-ass movie franchise some day.” Your dreams have finally come true, Dante, as Warner Bros. has nabbed Dwain Worrell’s Dante’s Inferno script in a pre-emptive deal. The original feature, inspired by the first part of Alighieri’s poem, “Inferno”, will follow the author on his descent through the nine circles of Hell in search of his beloved Beatrice. Don’t mind the classical interpretation of Dante’s story being an allegory for recognizing and rejecting sin on the path to bringing one’s soul closer to God.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. was keen on picking up Dante’s Inferno because of its scale and franchise potential, ie all the money. Admittedly, “Inferno” features some of literature’s most imaginative and horrific depictions of Hell ever conceived, and I for one would love to see that realized with today’s movie-making technology. Unfortunately, other than the classic love story, there are no other details as to the plot of the film available at the moment. Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang and Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road will produce.

dantes-infernoAs for Worrell, his current resume lists the 2010 horror film Walking the Dead and the 2015 thriller Operator as his sole credits. According to Deadline, however, Worrell was the scribe for The Wall, the first feature spec script acquisition by Amazon Studios. That particular thriller depicts a deadly cat-and-mouse game between an Iraqi sniper and the American sharpshooter he has pinned down behind a small concrete wall. Perhaps Worrell’s name will gain more recognition if The Wall catches on with viewers and critics, and if Warner Bros.’ plans for a Divine Comedy franchise takes off.

What do you think about the impending Dante’s Inferno film? Will it be a classic representation of Medieval poetry, romance, and religion? Or will it be more like EA’s video game of the same name (the trailer for which you can watch below)? Let us know in the comments!

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