DAREDEVIL: Charlie Cox Talks Joining the MCU and Season 2 Possibilities

     April 22, 2015


While we all hoped Marvel’s Daredevil was going to turn out well, I’ll admit the show is a lot better than I expected. As most of you have seen, it’s gritty, dark, and features great performances across the board with special mention to Vincent D’Onofrio’s work as Kingpin. He’s a fully formed antagonist that has issues like the rest of us. What I also love is Daredevil is doesn’t shy away from showing the dark underbelly of New York City (specifically Hell’s Kitchen), and gives us a very different look at what’s going on in the Marvel universe.

Recently I landed an exclusive video interview with Charlie Cox (Daredevil). He talked about the experience of getting cast, making the show with limited pre-production time, if Daredevil could appear in the Marvel films and the exciting possibility of teaming up with Spider-Man, if he noticed the Marvel Easter eggs as they were filming, if there any Daredevil storylines he wants to do in season 2 (which just got ordered), and a lot more.

Here’s what he had to say followed by the time index of the conversation.



Image via Netflix

Charlie Cox:

  • :13 – Talks about the positive critical response to the series.
  • :49 – Says Daredevil is the next evolutionary step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • 1:12 – Did he buy himself anything special when he found out he got cast? Says he was so excited he bought his own plane ticket out to New York.
  • 1:37 – Talks about only having a month to prepare before shooting.
  • 2:11 – Says the season wrapped up shooting in December.
  • 2:20 – Talks about the possibility of a second season before The Defenders.
  • 3:14 – Talks about if Daredevil could appear in the Marvel films and the exciting possibility of teaming up with Spider-Man.
  • 4:12 – Does he keep up with MCU news or pay attention to fan theories?
  • 4:57 – Talks about the conversational style of the Daredevil script and how it balances well with the action sequences.
  • 5:49 – What was it like working with Vincent D’Onofrio when Daredevil and Kingpin first meet?
  • 7:28 – Talks about the balances portrayal of Wilson Fisk and how well the villain is written in the series.
  • 8:28 – Did he borrow anything from the set and keep it? Showrunner Steven S DeKnight chimes in.
  • 9:20 – Did he notice the Marvel Easter eggs as he filmed the series?
  • 10:15 – What were the challenges of being the lead on a series like this during production?
  • 11:27 – Are there any Daredevil storylines he wants to do if they get another season? Talks about his favorite scenes from the comics in the first season.