‘Daredevil: Season 2’ Trailer Shows First Glimpse of Punisher and Elektra

     October 12, 2015


This past weekend at New York Comic-Con, Netflix and Marvel released the first Daredevil: Season 2 trailer, and now it’s online for your viewing pleasure. Before you get worked up to head back into Hell’s Kitchen, know that most of the trailer is just a victory lap. It’s footage from season one with lots of positive blurbs. However, there is a little bit from season two, and that little bit provides us with a glimpse of Elodie Yung putting on her Elektra mask, and we see the back of the Punisher’s (Jon Bernthal) head. Keep in mind that the show is probably six months away, so there’s no need to go any further than that little tease, especially when Netflix and Marvel and trying to keep fans focused on the more immediate series, Jessica Jones.

Check out the Daredevil: Season 2 trailer below:

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Image via Netflix