‘Daredevil’ Season 3: Netflix Renews the Excellent Marvel Series

     July 21, 2016


Perhaps this was inevitable, but that doesn’t diminish the tremendous excitement and joy of being able to say this: Daredevil has been renewed for Season 3. The largely positive response to the second season of Netflix and Marvel’s brilliant series, which stars Charlie Cox of Boardwalk Empire as Matt Murdock, who fights crime and corruption both as a public defender and as the red-suit-wearing ass-kicker of the title, has seemingly paid off in double, as this comes not long after learning of an upcoming Punisher series. If for nothing else, the second season of the show will be remembered for introducing the world to Jon Bernthal‘s Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, which immediately corrected a few decades of the character being misrepresented in movies. What could Season 3 bring?


Image via Netflix

The announcement came during the Luke Cage panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 from Jon Queseda, who didnt have much more to say about the renewal. Netflix took to Twitter to post a short, awesome promo that announces the renewal in perfect New Yorker terms; you can check out the promo below. Though we know nothing about Season 3 at this point, there has been plenty (read: a bible’s worth) of speculation about which villain will arrive next. My hope is for a proper take on Bullseye, the ingenious assassin that serves as one of Daredevil’s most cunning villains; a colleague suggested Walton Goggins in the role and I honestly can’t think of someone better for the role. He’d have to be better than Colin Farrell. He’d just have to be.

Whatever happens to be the thrust of the next season, it’s likely that the episodes will be just as engrossing and evocatively shot as the groundbreaking first two seasons of the Marvel show. As I’ve been saying since this show premiered, the Netflix Marvel canon has quickly outdone even the most admirable segments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there’s little reason to believe that the third season of the show will suddenly uproot that perspective. For now, I’m just happy, as a fan, that a great show can continue on where so many others have not been allowed to.

Here’s how Netflix responded to the news:

Here’s the promo for Daredevil Season 3:


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Image via Marvel


Image via Marvel