‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer Reveals “Darkness Only Responds to Darkness”

     September 7, 2018

the-defenders-daredevil-sliceTo say the new Daredevil Season 3 teaser trailer is dark is both literally and figuratively true. The show has always been one that’s nearly impossible to view during the day because its dimmed visuals disappear with the hint of a sunbeam, and the teaser (which appears at the end of Iron Fist Season 2, released today) is no exception. Of course, that also mirrors the state of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), not only in his lack of sight, but the emotional darkness he almost constantly resides in.

The last we saw Matt, he was dead — or at least, presumed so by the public at the close of The Defenders. As we saw at the very end of that season, not only did Matt survive but he was in the care of nuns, which is about as Murdockian as one can get (his mother, Maggie, also seemed to be there in attendance). In the new teaser, though, his recovery has left him in a pensive mood: “I once believed that justice could be found in a court of law, and in the light of day. But I was fooling myself,” he says from the shadows. “Darkness only responds to darkness. And the thing is, I’d rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock.”

Whelp! Things don’t seem to be going so well for Matt, but we’ll find out all about it soon enough, as Daredevil‘s third season will likely drop sometime towards the end of 2018. Check out the new teaser below:

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