45 Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Brutal Bane and Batman Fight from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     November 21, 2012


It takes a lot of hard work to break the Bat.  While I had issues with the plot, The Dark Knight Rises excelled when it came to crafting its action scenes.  One of the most memorable was Bane’s painful beatdown of Batman in the Gotham sewers.  Even though the scene didn’t rely on high-tech martial arts, it still required a significant amount of fight choreography, and 45 images have been released showing what went into Bane punching the Dark Knight into oblivion.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  The sequence will also be part of the special features on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD of The Dark Knight Rises, which hits stores on December 4th.

Via Flicks and Bits.


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