THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Prologue Will Only Be Shown on 70mm IMAX Screens

     October 24, 2011


Last week we reported the exciting news that a 6-minute prologue from The Dark Knight Rises will be attached to IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Well, now it looks like only certain IMAX theaters will have the footage. AMC Theaters reports that the footage will only screen on the higher resolution 70mm IMAX screens, not the digital IMAX screens. A reason for the specificity isn’t given, nor does AMC have confirmation of which locations will be screening the footage. Hopefully we’ll find out soon. In the meantime, start searching for the nearest 70 mm IMAX screen and get ready to have your mind blown by Batman and Tom Cruise in the same theater. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens on IMAX screens December 16th and on regular screens December 21st. The Dark Knight Rises is slated for July 20th, 2012.

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