More Videos from the Set of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Listen to Tom Hardy’s Muffled Bane Voice

     August 8, 2011


At this point, I’m convinced that movie websites are going to spoil everything about The Dark Knight Rises and I apologize for that. We’re not doing it to be dicks.  We’re doing it because people care about the movie and it’s our job to inform them about it.  There are five new videos from the set of the movie and I’m not going to tell you where they’re from or what’s in them.  I haven’t watched them because I would like to be somewhat surprised when I see it. However, I listened to the audio of Bane’s speech over the weekend and I think it’s important to point out that what he sounds like in this set video may not be how he sounds in the final movie. Tom Hardy has to shout his lines through a mask so the other actors can hear him. He’ll then re-dub his lines in ADR.

If you don’t really care about knowing what’s happening in every scene before it even begins then you can watch the videos after the jump.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012.

Set videos via our partners at Omelete.


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