‘The Dark Knight’ to Return to IMAX Theaters For a One-Week Run

     July 18, 2018


The Dark Knight…returns! To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s game-changing Batman tale, Warner Bros. is bringing the movie back to select IMAX theaters for a one-week run starting August 24.

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 20, but so far showtimes have only been announced for August 24. The theaters involved in the limited engagement are:

  • AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX, Universal City
  • AMC Lincoln Square IMAX, New York City
  • AMC Metreon IMAX, San Francisco
  • Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX, Toronto

Nolan’s film debuted in theaters a decade ago this year, immediately changing the superhero movie landscape and the nature of fandom forever. For the better? Hard to say! The film itself is a masterpiece; Nolan shot parts of The Dark Knight in 70MM, and on an IMAX screen—especially the opening bank heist, which I’ve seen audiences literally gasp at—it’s visually stunning.

While Christian Bale‘s Bat-voice hasn’t aged particularly well—it was kinda dopey in 2008, too—Heath Ledger‘s performance as the hero’s arch-nemesis remains as terrifyingly brilliant as ever. I will straight up never forget the audience reaction in-theater when the Joker revealed his “magic trick” using a pencil; ten years later and it’s still the best audience reaction I’ve ever been a part of. That man deserved his posthumous Oscar award, and Joaquin Phoenix has massive clown shoes to fill. (The less said about Jared Leto‘s tatted-up attempt the better.)

So sure, you could note that Nolan’s grounded, gravelly take on the character set DC Comics films on a dour, murder-y path that it still hasn’t recovered from—we’re counting on you, Aquaman!—but as a singular experience, The Dark Knight has yet to be equaled. If you live in one of the selected cities and/or have access to a Bat-plane, I’d recommend catching this film on the largest screen possible while the gettin’ is good.

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