Watch These Horrifying Anti-Meth PSAs Directed by Darren Aronosfky

     November 9, 2011


If I was trying to scare off a teenager from trying hardcore drugs, I would show him or her Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream.  There’s a reason they show gruesome car crash videos in driver’s education classes, and the same principle is at work in Requiem and now these disturbing anti-meth PSAs directed by Aronofsky.  Aronofsky directed some anti-meth ads a few years ago, but these are his newest ones.  Either way, these ads are incredibly effective and not like those stupid “Friendship:  My Anti-Drug!” or that one about the girl who loses all her bones because she smoked pot.

Hit the jump to check out the PSAs.  Click here to go, who financed the PSAs.



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