Darren Aronofsky Talks NOAH, Calls it His “Big Event Film”

     June 20, 2011


Coming off the major success of Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky is looking to go a little bigger. While he left The Wolverine for personal reasons, he’s now trying to get his long-in-the-works passion project Noah financed, with Christian Bale reportedly being eyed for the lead. Based on the biblical tale, John Logan is currently re-writing the script while the project is being shopped around Hollywood. Recently, the director talked a bit about his idea for the project, calling it “a big event film.” Hit the jump to see what else he had to say regarding Noah.

Speaking with IFC, Aronofsky was asked about the religious nature of Noah and he responded thusly:

“I don’t think it’s a very religious story. I think it’s a great fable that’s part of so many different religions and spiritual practices. I just think it’s a great story that’s never been on film.”

While this certainly sounds like an epic tale, especially with Aronofsky at the helm, it’s no easy task to get $130 million to make a potentially controversial film with a director who has no large-scale tentpoles on his resume. Aronofsky knows this all too well, as he went through a similar situation with The Fountain, having to re-tool the film to make the budget significantly smaller after Brad Pitt left the project.

However, he’s coming off an extremely successful film, and Fox wanted him for The Wolverine, so he’s got a bit more clout now than he did back then. He’s also close to nabbing Batman himself, which doesn’t hurt (when asked if Bale was starring in the film, the director grinned and said “no comment.”) Hopefully everything comes together and we’ll get to see Aronofsky’s epic passion project on the big screen soon.


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