Watch: Netflix Teaser Previews Dave Chappelle’s New Stand-Up Specials

     March 2, 2017


One day after Netflix dropped the first teaser for Amy Schumer’s new comedy special on Netflix, the streaming service has unveiled a tantalizing teaser for Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up specials as well. Chappelle, one of the greatest stand-ups who ever lived, sold two new specials to Netflix that will be dropping on the same day: March 21st. This is incredibly exciting, as Chappelle hasn’t recorded a stand-up special in 12 years.

Chappelle earlier this year signed a deal with Netflix for three stand-up specials in total. The two that are dropping later this month were actually recorded prior to the Netflix deal at Austin City Limits Live and The Hollywood Palladium, while the third is an all-new special that Chappelle will record this year.

Regardless of when they were recorded, new Dave Chappelle stand-up is new Dave Chappelle stand-up. His Killing Them Softly special is still one of the best sets of all time, and his turn as host on Saturday Night Live last November proved he’s definitely still got it after taking a bit of a sabbatical following The Chappelle Show.

So take a look at the brief Netflix teaser below. These two specials are available only on Netflix on March 21st.


Image via Lester Cohen