David E Kelley Has Outgrown Fox

     May 27, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

After 22 years and many, many Emmy awards writer/producer David E Kelley is leaving 20th Century Fox, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kelley signed a new three year overall deal with Warner Brothers TV on Tuesday that will include developing new series – drama, comedy, unscripted or even some mad hybrid of all three – basically, the guy’s got carte blanche.

Kelley began his career at Fox as a writer for “LA Law” in 1986 and moved on to produce award winners like “The Practice,” “Picket Fences” and “Ally McBeal.” Kelley’s “Boston Legal” is the last series covered by his Fox contract. He secured a last minute reprieve for the critically acclaimed but sparsely viewed dramedy by giving up his rights to produce the new ABC comedy “Life on Mars.” Talent and heart – someone should write a TV show about this guy.

Kelley will join TV luminaries like Jerry Bruckheimer and JJ Abrams who have also found a home at WB TV. Although DEK was “saddened” to be leaving the only TV home he has ever known, I’m sure the prospect of being respected and pursued by a studio instead of taken for granted and plotted against was a great incentive for change. And just think Fox – a sixth season of “Boston Legal” and Kelley probably would have stayed with you forever.

I would normally include a link to The Hollywood Reporter story, to see why I haven’t read this.

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