David Fincher’s HBO Series With James Ellroy Titled SHAKEDOWN; Will Also Direct LIVING ON VIDEO for the Network

     December 18, 2014


Back in September we reported that David Fincher and James Ellroy were collaborating on a Los Angeles-set 1950s crime noir series for HBO and now that show has a title, Shakedown.  Remember when Fincher had those five fallow years between Panic Room and Zodiac?  Boy am I glad he’s not repeating that, he’s one of our master filmmakers so I’ll take pretty much whatever he’s serving up.

Fincher will also direct another pilot for HBO called Living On Video.  That series will reportedly center around the director’s involvement in the 1980’s music video scene (you probably already know that he shot videos for Paula Abdul, Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, and Aerosmith back in the day).  Hit the jump for more on David Fincher’s involvement in Shakedown and Living On Video.

Per Deadline, Shakedown is “set in the tabloid world and the underbelly of Los Angeles in the 1950s and centers on a real-life private detective.”  It is said to be drawn from the accounts of famous 50’s Hollywood police officer turned P.I. Fred Otash.  Since Ellroy was the guy behind L.A. Confidential I have no doubts that Fincher has all of the creative tools he needs for this one.

The same goes for Living On Video, which The Wrap says will be a half-hour show focussing on music video production in the 80’s.  The show is said to center around the crew members of these video shoots.  Not much more is known, but any Fincher is good Fincher.  Even if some of our best filmmakers are running to TV.