David Fincher and Trent Reznor Talk THE SOCIAL NETWORK; Score Available for $2.99 on Amazon

     September 28, 2010


With David Fincher’s The Social Network opening in theaters nationwide October 1st, my weekend plans are as set as they’ve ever been.  A few weeks ago, in his mini-review/video blog, Steve praised the film as one of the year’s best.  Additionally, the film is currently boasting a perfect 100% (34/34 as of now) on Rotten Tomatoes.  Long story short, all early signs are pointing to The Social Network being a resounding critical success.

I mention all of this only to preface the real news: David Fincher and Trent Reznor (who, along with Atticus Ross, scored the film) have an interesting interview online that is definitely worth a read.  In it, the two discuss several topics including where the film was at musically prior to Reznor’s involvement and Fincher’s dream of a Reznor-adapted Fight Club musical.

To check out some choice cuts from the interview, hit the jump.  Also, if you liked what you heard from the five free songs Reznor released off of the film’s score, you can now have the entire album in all its outstanding-awesomeness for only $2.99 via Amazon.

trent_reznor_imageIf you want to check out the entire interview (which I highly suggest doing), you can find it at Pitchfork.

Reznor discussing turning down Fincher’s offer to score the film:

Originally, when I heard the phrase “Facebook movie,” I thought, “Is it just going to be a bunch of people on Facebook?” Facebook sucks, so it just felt like: “Ugh.” But then David– who’s somebody I’ve always respected as a director and also as a friend– gave me Aaron Sorkin’s script, and I wasn’t worried about the Facebook aspect anymore. But still, when David first approached me about doing the score last fall, I couldn’t do it because I was burnt out.

…But, a few months later, it was still nagging me. I felt like I’d let David down, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I just felt like a fuck-up. So I got back in touch with him and said, “I want to reiterate how sorry I am about not doing the score, and keep me in mind if anything comes up in the future.” And he was like, “I’m still waiting on you to say yes.”

Reznor on an initial screening of the film’s opening title sequence:

When I got involved in spring of this year, I saw a rough cut of the title sequence and they had some jangly college rock temped in that immediately gave the film this John Hughes vibe. I thought, “Hmm, I hope he doesn’t want anything like that.”

After that, David and I talked quite a bit. We decided right away that we didn’t want to go with an orchestral score. And a few things from [NIN instrumental album] Ghosts were temped into spots, so I had an idea of what they were looking for. The whole process was fun for me because I liked answering to someone I respect and not having to make all the decisions for a change.

Fincher on working with Reznor and his vision for the film’s style:

We’ve talked about it a lot. At one point I was trying to get Trent to consider doing a musical based on Fight Club. But he’s a pretty busy guy, so it’s always been sort of a dream. For The Social Network, I wanted to do an odd John Hughes-style movie, but it needed to be a little meaner than what that would imply.

Fincher comparing his direction on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with his work on The Social Network:

No, it’s just the reality of making a talky movie about people who aren’t wearing spandex or capes. Hollywood has a hard time marketing semi-adult dramas and has no faith that people want to see them, so you have to make them for a price. And that was fine because we could make what we wanted to make for that price.

The Social Network was penned by Aaron Sorkin and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara, Bryan Barter, Armie Hammer, Joseph Mazzello, and Justin Timberlake.  In case you missed it earlier, the film opens October 1st.

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