David Goyer and Brannon Braga Exclusive Video Interview FLASHFORWARD

     October 4, 2009

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If you’ve been watching the great ABC show “FlashForward” on Thursday nights, you’re going to love the interview I did with David Goyer (“Blade”, “The Dark Knight”), and Brannon Braga (“Star Trek: Voyager”, “Star Trek: Enterprise”, “24”) a few days ago. That’s because these two great writers are responsible for getting the show on the air, have mapped out where the show is headed, and what mysteries are going to be revealed along the way. And if the ratings are any indication, the show is going to be around for awhile.

Now for the best part: While some interviews are brief, my conversation with Goyer and Braga went for about 30 minutes. What that means is we talked about everything – from how “FlashForward” got off the ground to how the show gets made each week. Of course, we also talked about what was up with the Oceanic Airlines billboard in the pilot and how do they deal with the comparisons to “Lost”. And for fans of “24”, Braga talks about what’s coming up in the new season and Goyer talks about “Ghost Rider 2” and “Magneto”. I’ve done A LOT of interviews for Collider and I think this is one of the best so I really recommend checking it out. And to make it easy, I’ve listed what we talked about above each part. Hit the jump to see and make sure to tune into “FlashForward” on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

David Goyer and Brannon Braga.jpgAs I said before the jump, due to the length of the interview, I’ve broken it up into three parts. I’ve listed what we talked about and the time index, that way you can go straight to answers you might be looking for.

Again, this is a great interview that I’m happy to share. Finally, a HUGE thanks to David and Brannon for giving me so much of their time when I know how busy they are.

David Goyer and Brannon Braga part 1

  • How did they meet and connect for FlashForward. They talk about their previous show and how FlashForward was originally set up at HBO and then they shoped it around and landed at ABC. Also, they say they originally saw it as a 13 episode first season and now it’s 24 episodes.
  • 3:49 – I ask if they really pitched the show with a 5 year plan and do they have their arc’s for season’s one – five already figured out.
  • 5:03 – How do they feel about being called the next Lost
  • 7:32 – In the pilot there is a billboard for Oceanic Airlines and many have speculated that FlashForward and Lost are in the same universe. I ask there is any truth to the rumor and how did the billboard get placed in the show. David says he put it in 2 weeks before the show aired.

you may have to turn up the volume for this interview

David Goyer and Brannon Braga part 2

  • How did things change as they’ve been working on the season. David says they are currently writing episode 15 and there might be 24 or 25 episodes in season one. David talks about how certain events got moved around as the season was being maped out. A big event was going to happen in episode 18 and now it’s in episode 11.
  • 2:50 – We talk about how they might add something into an episode that hasn’t aired yet
  • 3:50 – David talks about how they’re adding someone to the cast that they didn’t expect to
  • 4:10 – Is it true that at the end of season one we would catch up to the flash forward and is each season self contained
  • 6:15 – Brannon says if we were doing this interview in a few weeks, my questions would be much different
  • 7:05 – David says a lot of major stuff happens in the first 7 episodes and it won’t be till that one for people to get a better idea of what they’re planning on doing in season one
  • 7:20 – How involved are they in the viral marketing. If any.
  • 9:55 – What does day to day on a show mean. What kind of hours do you really work. How does that effect working on other projects. David says the first season is the most challenging as you have to set everything up. David also talks about what he has been doing like filming pick-up shots, color correction, directing episodes, break story on all the episodes. He talks about what he did the day of this interview.

you may have to turn up the volume for this interview

David Goyer and Brannon Braga part 3

  • How is David able to balance the show and his film projects like Ghost Rider 2. Talks about how he wrote a script 9 years ago and that’s the script for the sequel
  • 2:40 – Once you’re a part of a hit show, other projects that might have been quiet gain some buzz from your buzz. How will that work with projects like Magneto and other things David has written.
  • 4:53 – How much do they look at the numbers. David explains what the numbers mean and when will they know if they get the “back nine”
  • 7:00 – What’s coming up on 24. Brannon says they are currently writing episode 16 and shooting episode 13. David says they are shooting episode 9 and writing episode 15
  • 8:35 – I ask if he thinks this will be the last year of 24
  • 9:00 – How hard was it to pick the writers for FlashForward
  • 10:33 – I ask if the writers had to sign for more than one year

you may have to turn up the volume for this interview

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