David Harbour Will Officiate a Wedding as Hellboy for 666K Retweets

     October 7, 2018

david-harbour-hellboy-sliceDavid HarbourStranger Things actor and living human treasure—has used his Twitter challenges in the past to make a high schooler’s dream come true and put a spotlight on endangered Antarctic penguins, but now the Hellboy star has his eye on the greatest challenge of them all…love. Harbour took to Twitter following Hellboy‘s New York Comic-Con panel and trailer drop to respond to a request from ComingSoon.net’s Spencer Perry; the actor will officiate Perry’s wedding to SYFY Wire’s Carly Lane in full Hellboy regalia for the fiery price of 666K retweets.

“Impossible number?” Harbour wrote. “Think of how difficult it will be for me to get this character ordained by a Christian church.”

Harbour agreed to knock the number down by 500,000 if Hellboy creator Mike Mignola reads a poem at the ceremony, a stipulation the writer and artist has already agreed to.

Re-tweet the Tweet below because the world needs a little more joy in it and the image of Hellboy in a full-ass suit officiating a wedding is quite possibly the purest thing I can imagine.

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