Casting Call: David Morse Joins WORLD WAR Z; Vinessa Shaw to Star in SIREN; ARTHUR NEWMAN, GOLF PRO Adds Kristin Lehman

     October 6, 2011


We have a few quick casting stories to report this afternoon.  First up, Deadline reports that great character actor David Morse has joined Marc Forster’s World War Z.  Morse “will play a prisoner living in an abandoned jail.”  Question: if the jail is abandoned, and the movie takes place in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, why is he still a prisoner?  Is he taking shelter in the prison?  We already know that the movie is going to differ greatly from the book so who knows what Forster and co. are up to.  The film stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Anthony Mackie, and Bryan Cranston.  Morse co-stars on HBO’s Treme and will next be seen in the Disney family flick The Odd Life of Timothy Greene.

Hit the jump for casting news on Siren and Arthur Newman, Golf Pro.

vinessa-shaw-01Heat Vision reports that Vinessa Shaw (Two Lovers) will star in Jesse Peyronel’s feature directing debut Siren.  Per Heat Vision, the movie “is a dark modern romantic fairy tale about a girl with a very unique curse: her scent makes her irresistible to all men.”  While the title obviously comes from Greek mythology, those sirens had control over the songs they sang that drove men to their deaths.  This sounds like a curse (also, something can’t be “very unique”, THR.  You know that).  Peyronel says his film “[is] really a grounded intimate look at someone who has a special ability but looked at in a personal way.  It’s [sic] takes a more a realistic look at an X-Men-style power.”  Yeah, we saw that with Heroes. Heroes was not good.  No one wants to see the fantastical jammed into the real-world.  It loses its majesty.  You get a realistic look by creating realistic characters.

However, the way Peyronel’s planning to direct sounds promising:

Music and color is playing a strong role in the movie. Peyronel, when casting and staffing the movie, sent out the script with a packet that included not only photos of the look he was going for but also a link to a playlist that could be listened to while reading. He used a color chart to show how the tone of movie shifts from fairy tale to romance to thriller.

The film will also star Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim) Bess Wohl (CSI: NY) and Ross Partridge (The Off-Hours).

Finally, Variety reports that Kristin Lehman (AMC’s The Killing) has joined Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in the dark comedy Arthur Newman, Golf Pro.  The story centers on Wallace Avery (Firth), a man who hates his job and is despised by his family. Wallace decides to fake his own death and create a new identity, and when he meets a young woman (Blunt) with her own troubled past, they start breaking into empty homes to pose as the absent owners.  According to Variety, “Lehman will play Firth’s ex-wife, who lives with their son and her new husband.”  It must be an odd casting session to get the job based on how well you convey an utter disdain for someone as charming as Colin Firth.


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