David O. Russell Re-teaming with THREE KINGS Star Ice Cube in Untitled DIRTY HARRY-esque Cop Drama

     November 4, 2010

David O. Russell (I Heart Huckabees) may re-team with Ice Cube (Are We There Yet?) in an as-yet-titled cop drama said to be in the vein of Dirty Harry and Death Wish. Talks between the prolific director and the actor/rapper and New Line Cinema are in the early stages, but word is Russell and Cube were eager to work together again, having teamed up on the 1999 war dramedy Three Kings.

Russell recently signed on to write and direct the big screen adaptation of the action-adventure video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for Columbia Pictures. His current film, The Fighter (with Three Kings star Mark Wahlberg) is set to hit theaters December 10. Cube was recently seen in Lottery Ticket earlier this year and is currently filming Rampart with Ben Foster and Steve Buscemi. Hit the jump for more.

I must say I’m ecstatic about all things David O. Russell. Three Kings easily is one of the better war films ever created – smart, funny, intense and ultimately honest. To see Russell reteaming with Ice Cube, who, after a stellar performance in Three Kings, has had a sporadic track record at best, is good news indeed. I would certainly pay to see any film sprung from the mind of Russell, starring Cube and described by Deadline as an R-rated “throwback” to the revenge films of old.

Any chance Dirty Harry could make a cameo?

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