David Oyelowo Goes Mad in First NIGHTINGALE Trailer

     April 24, 2015


HBO Films has unveiled the first teaser trailer for the provocative dramatic feature film Nightingale, and it’s certainly piqued my interest. Directed by Elliott Lester and produced by Brad Pitt, the entire film takes place in only one location, and features only one character. The impeccable David Oyelowo is the centerpiece here as an Iraq War veteran who psychologically unravels over the course of the picture’s 80 minute runtime.

This first teaser trailer is tantalizing to say the least, and Oyelowo appears to take full advantage of the opportunity to command the screen. The guy was positively phenomenal in Selma (I’m still reeling over that movie’s many, many Oscar snubs), so I’ll jump at the chance to see a movie that he carries entirely on his own shoulders.

Check out the trailer below, via HBO. Nightingale will air on the pay cable channel on May 29th at 9pm.