GODZILLA Reboot Adds David Strathairn; Emily Blunt Replaces Emma Watson in YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD

     March 11, 2013


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david-strathairn-godzillaFirst up from Deadline comes news that Strathairn is in talks to join Godzilla.  It’s being reported that Strathairn will play a military figure, but the character and plot details are being kept under wraps for the most part.  From what we’ve been able to piece together from past stories, the story centers on a soldier and involves at least two monsters in addition to the iconic titular creature itself.  Frank Darabont recently commented on his rewrite of the script and promised to make the reboot feature “a terrifying force of nature.”  Oscar-winner Juliet Binoche (Chocolat) also recently entered negotiations to join the remake.

On Your Voice in My Head, Digital Spy reports that Blunt will replace Watson as Forrest.  She’ll star in the lead of a story that tells of the journalist’s experiences as a young writer in New York and her life-saving sessions with a therapist.  Stanley Tucci (Jack the Giant Slayer) is still on board to play the therapist, although both Watson and director Yates have jumped ship.  Your Voice in My Head is still in search of a director and is planning on starting production in the spring.

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