Warner Bros. Wants David Yates to Direct THE IMITATION GAME

     November 14, 2011


Earlier today, it was announced that David Yates (the man behind the last four Harry Potter movies) is set to helm a feature film adaptation of the beloved British time traveler series Doctor Who. Yates himself said that the Who movie is two to three years away from coming to fruition, and he recently told Steve that he plans on helming a smaller film next year. While he didn’t reveal the projects that he’s currently mulling over, Warner Bros. is apparently trying hard to get him to commit to The Imitation Game. The project was announced earlier last month, with Leonardo DiCaprio “very interested” in starring. Hit the jump for more.

david_yates_01The Imitation Game tells the unbelievable true story of mathematician Alan Turing. Turning was integral in the development of the modern computer, and a key codebreaker for the British during World War II. However, he was also criminally prosecuted for his homosexuality, after which he elected chemical castration over prison. He finally ended his life with a cyanide apple.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is incredibly keen on having Yates direct (though when the project was announced, Ron Howard was apparently in consideration). I think the film would be a fantastic follow-up to Yates’ Harry Potter run. He proved he can do drama incredibly well, and his nuanced approach would be a perfect fit for the heavy subject matter. WB has apparently been waiting for weeks for an answer from Yates, so hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

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