Making of the Pixar Short DAY & NIGHT

     June 5, 2010

Day & Night pixar slice

Anyone who has been into movies for any length of time is aware of Pixar and how genius the animators are. One of the great moments of any Pixar movie isn’t the feature itself, but the short film that appears before it. In fact, Pixar has been awarded 3 Best Animated Short Film Oscars.

Anyway, a video on the making of their new short, Day & Night, which will be appearing before Toy Story 3 this summer, has been released. While the short is hard to describe (something Pixar is well aware of) it does look to maybe the best they’ve ever done, at least on a geeky, more technical level. While I shouldn’t have to sell the video to you because, hey, it’s Pixar, check it out anyways. It’s a nice little insight into how the brainstorming at Pixar works.  To watch the making of feature, hit the jump.

via Pixar Planet

Day & Night pixar


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