‘Deadpool 2’ Thanks You for Being a Friend with ‘Golden Girls’-Style Credits Video

     May 25, 2018


Deadpool 2 is now heading into its second weekend of release, where it’s probably going to get trampled by Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the studio/filmmakers would like to remind you that if you’re in the mood for pop culture references, there’s only one film for you this weekend. 20th Century Fox has released a “Deadpool 2 Thanks You” video, which is basically The Golden Girls credits and theme song set to footage from Deadpool 2. Be aware there are a few spoilers for those that haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet.

This is a pretty cute little video and is certainly in keeping with the Deadpool tone. It’ll be interesting to see exactly how far the sequel falls at the box office this weekend, and if it’ll drum up repeat interest in the weeks to come as the summer movie season kicks into high gear. It may be a tougher battle than you think to surpass the original’s over $700 million worldwide gross, since the first Deadpool enjoyed weeks at the box office without major competitors. That said, Deadpool 2 is off to a better start internationally, so that may be a big factor.

Regardless, the movie’s quite fun, and this video is a nice reminder of the silliness of this franchise. Check it out below.

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