‘Deadpool 2’: Josh Brolin Teases Cable Makeup in New Image

     June 28, 2017


As evidenced by Ryan Reynolds’ own social media snaps, filming is officially underway on Deadpool 2. But while Reynolds’ titular character is busy crashing birthday parties and giving piggyback rides to Ricky Baker, the film’s antagonist has still yet to be unveiled. Josh Brolin won the major role of Cable in the sequel after names like Brad Pitt and Michael Shannon first surfaced, and the actor has taken to Instagram to tease the final makeup and look for the character.

Cable’s look in the comics involves a mechanical arm and eye, with a scarred face, and in this new Instagram snap we see Brolin preparing his face for a prosthetic of some kind that will cover half his face. Moreover, in the caption itself Brolin teases his transformation into “something machine, fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged.” We know Brolin’s been hitting the gym, and he certainly got the haircut, so now it’s almost time to see Cable in all his glory.

20th Century Fox will likely release an official image of Brolin as Cable before the actor goes on set in some public locale for a location shoot. The studio likely doesn’t want to risk letting the first look being an out-of-focus paparazzi snap from an iPhone, so it likely won’t be too long before we get that debut image. For now, though, this Instagram is a mighty fine enticement.


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