‘Deadpool 2’: Ryan Reynolds Goes Full Bob Ross in First Teaser

     November 15, 2017


20th Century Fox has technically released the first teaser trailer online for Deadpool 2, but this is far from your average marketing campaign. The video, as revealed by Ryan Reynolds, is mostly just Deadpool dressed as gentile soul Bob Ross making a painting and cracking wise, but about two thirds of the way through we get a lot of flashes of footage from the film. So yeah, it’s Deadpool.

This is certainly indicative of the unique marketing campaign for the first Deadpool, and the Deadpool 2 campaign began last week with the unveiling of the first poster inside an issue of Good Housekeeping. Even the poster was weird, as it’s a Norman Rockwell-esque painting of the whole cast sharing a dinner table. This Bob Ross bit is even funnier, and I would honestly watch full episodes of Deadpool-as-Bob-Ross teaching painting, whacking off, and zoning out.

David Leitch, the co-director of John Wick and director of this summer’s Atomic Blonde, directs Deadpool 2, taking over for filmmaker Tim Miller. We don’t know much about the plot of the sequel, but Josh Brolin joins the fold as beloved comics character Cable, so no doubt a lot of the story will revolve around Deadpool’s interactions with him. Then we’ve got Atlanta breakout Zazie Beets joining the ensemble as Domino, a new female lead for the franchise.

Check out the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer below, sandwiched inside this delightful Bob Ross video. The sequel also stars Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Leslie Uggams, Stefan Kapicic, and Karan Soni. Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on June 1, 2018.

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