Exclusive: A ‘Deadpool 2’ Villain Has Not Been Cut from the Film

     April 9, 2018


Much like Logan kept its title under wraps for a long, long time, 20th Century Fox has done a swell job thus far of maintaining an air of secrecy around Deadpool 2. We’ve seen two trailers, but while they tease more action and comedy antics from the titular foul-mouthed superhero, the plot of the sequel remains very much a secret. We don’t even know, officially, who the film’s villains are, and thus a rumor started spreading last week that has many people talking.

Jeff Sneider of The Tracking Board reported on Meet the Movie Press that actor Jack Kesy’s character is no longer in the film. Rumors have swirled that Kesy is playing Black Tom, a somewhat obscure comics villain, which would indicate that in post-production director David Leitch made the decision to scrap an entire villain from the movie.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Well we’re hearing this isn’t necessarily true. Sources with knowledge of the situation tell Collider that while Kesy’s role in the finished film has been reduced, he has not be cut from the film entirely. We hear that early cuts gave Kesy more screentime, but as the edit got more refined, his role was reduced. But his character is not out of the movie entirely, as backed up by co-writer Rhett Reese who took to Twitter to throw water on the rumor as well.

We exclusively reported last month that while Deadpool 2 had high scores from test screenings, audiences wanted even more of new characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beets), and so during reshoots new scenes were shot to up their screentime. So it stands to reason if Cable and Domino were given more screentime, perhaps this is why Kesy’s role in the film was impacted.

We’ll find out for ourselves soon enough as Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18th. For more on the film, peruse links to our recent coverage below.


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