Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series Test Shared Online by Production Studio Titmouse, Inc.

     March 30, 2018


[Update: The video has now been taken down. Sorry if you missed it.]

You may have read some headlines today that say footage from the planned-but-cancelled animated Deadpool series “leaked” online. While there indeed is animated Deadpool footage online today, it was provided by outstanding animation production company Titmouse, Inc. as a way to share their test reel used to pitch for the privilege of animating the project. Saying it was “leaked” is like saying Warner Bros. is leaking Ready Player One in theaters this weekend, but I digress. What’s important is we have a brief glimpse of what a standalone Deadpool animated series could have looked like in another world.

While things have been all good on Deadpool‘s live-action front, the animated side of things hit a snag recently when showrunner Donald Glover and FX parted ways over the planned series. Glover, responding in part to the cancellation itself and also to the rumor that he was simply “too busy” to work on the project, knocked out a biting, satirical script masquerading as the animated series’ finale. Some of the same news outlets who thought this was a real script and not a last-minute jab from Glover are the same that think this animation test was “leaked”, so maybe rethink some of your bookmarks. (Hat-tip to LRM Online.)

Here’s Titmouse’s original tweet, but the video is no longer available.

Titmouse, Inc., headed by Chris Prynoski, wisely tapped into the social media trend for the animated Deadpool series by releasing this half-finished test that uses audio clips from Ryan Reynolds in the live-action movie. And this isn’t some two-bit operation; Titmouse has been around for 18 years or so and has worked on MTV, Cartoon Network, and Disney XD shows over the years, along with the release of the R-rated feature film Nerdland in 2016. It’s a shame that, as things stand right now, we won’t get a chance to see Titmouse’s (or anyone’s) take on an animated Deadpool, but between the snap-back script and this brief test, at least we have an idea of what could have been.