DEADPOOL: Hugh Jackman Addresses Wolverine Cameo Rumors

     June 6, 2015


So, Ryan Reynolds appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Deadpool, and we know that the upcoming Deadpool move will be making fun of how bad Origins was, and Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are friends, thus … is it possible that Jackman might appear in the Deadpool movie?

Production has wrapped on Deadpool, but have been swirling about a possible Jackman appearance in the film for a few weeks now. Huffington Post recently spoke with Jackman, who offered up some non-comments on the possibility of him appearing (or not appearing) in Deadpool. But, being a tease, he didn’t close the door completely. The exact response to whether or not he would be making a cameo is as follows:

Hmmm, I can’t … no. Nope. But, I am really good mates with [Reynolds] so …


Image via 20th Century Fox

HuffPo goes into more detail about him mumbling under his lips and giving a sweet smile about the whole thing, but nothing more concrete is known. Jackman did previously tell MTV U.K. that the two characters, though enemies, “spark off well together, so I’d be open to that idea.”

In the same interview with HuffPo, Jackman was also mum on the subject of his role in X-Men: Apocalypse, saying: “who knows?” But, he was chatty about getting back into the gym for the untitled (and finalWolverine sequel, saying,

Weirdly, I’m really excited about shooting it. I feel great enthusiasm. I suppose it’s denial — like the football player who announces their retirement before their last season — and so I’m really looking forward to it. But, I know its not over yet! I still got a lot of 4 o’clock mornings and a hell of a lot of egg white omelettes and steamed chicken to have, and all of that.

He also talked about how the role has both constrained him and given him great opportunities:

There was a period about six years ago when I could see my choices being narrowed by Wolverine, but now I feel like they’ve opened up from doing Les Mis or Prisoners or Pan. The options coming to me right now are more varied than they’ve ever been in my life,” he added of what’s to come. “Hopefully, I’m not that actor in 10 years who’s unemployed going, ‘Why did I ever leave it?’ and then begging to come back.

So do you guys want to see Wolverine appear in the Deadpool movie, or do you think Deadpool might appear in the next Wolverine movie? Or neither? Or both!


Image via 20th Century Fox


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