Deadpool Recaps His Successful Marketing Campaign

     October 19, 2016

deadpool-posterDeadpool had one of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent history. Usually, films don’t call attention to their marketing campaigns because they want to ultimately service the movie rather than the marketing. Just because a lot of people are talking about how great your ads are, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in seeing the film those ads are promoting.

But with the book closed on Deadpool and the film having found its way to record-breaking box office based on an outstanding marketing campaign, the Merc with a Mouth is looking back on how it all came together. The marketing campaign was nominated for a Clio Key Art award for Best Integrated Marketing, and now Deadpool is here to run down how they executed all of it.

Looking over the marketing campaign, the marketing department on this film really did pull off something incredible.  Keep in mind that Reynolds’ star-power was by no means a guarantor of success, and so they wisely kept him off most of the advertising, and instead played up the goofiness of the character.  The humor was juvenile, but in a world filled with deadly serious superhero movies, Deadpool presented itself as a delightful antidote that could still provide action along with humor.

Of course, if you follow this site on a regular basis, you know how the Deadpool marketing played out, but it’s still neat to see it recapped in a short video with Ryan Reynolds doing the narration in character.

Check out the video below [via BleedingCool].


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