DEADPOOL Movie to Start Filming in March in Vancouver

     January 19, 2015


The Deadpool movie is definitely, absolutely, positively happening at last, and it’ll be shooting in star Ryan Reynolds’ hometown.  After years of developing the Marvel Comics adaptation, 20th Century Fox finally moved the project to the frontburner late last year, possibly spurred by the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.  The project was a risky one to take on, as the lead character is a wisecracking, antihero assassin with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience.  Oh, and the lead actor’s face will be covered for the majority of the film.  But with Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel proved that audiences will turn up for something a bit different (ie. not deadly serious or incredibly grounded), and Fox is now ready to mix things up superhero-wise.

Find out where and when the Deadpool movie will start production after the jump.

ryan-reynolds-deadpool-moviePer Global News, Deadpool is set to start filming in Vancouver in late March.  The city is, of course, the hometown of star Ryan Reynolds, but it’s also home to a number of Fox’s big productions (including last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past).  Visual effects veteran Tim Miller is still onboard to direct the Deadpool movie with a release date set for February 12, 2016.

We still don’t know if Deadpool will be PG-13 or if Fox will go the bold route of producing an R-rated superhero movie, but I imagine both versions will be shot.  During filming of The Wolverine, director James Mangold opted for multiple takes so that he had options in the editing room, releasing the “unrated cut” (ie. the R-rated version) on Blu-ray.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Miller takes a similar route here, that way Fox can take a look at the film in post-production and see if they have enough confidence in the R-rated version to send that one to theaters.

While Fox has been milking the X-Men property for years, the studio is now looking to capitalize on the superhero boom by braching out.  All signs point to The Fantastic Four being something…unique in the genre, and Deadpool will be part of the X-Men universe, adding some darker shades to what’s come before.

Casting for the Deadpool film is ongoing to so we’ll likely hear more additions as the March startdate looms closer, but most recently T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley) and Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones) were reported to be in talks to sign on.


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