R-Rated ‘Deadpool’ Movies Will Continue at Disney; Other R-Rated Properties a Possibility

     February 5, 2019

deadpool-2-sliceOf all the many, many questions surrounding Fox’s move under the bajillion-dollar Disney umbrella, one of the more intriguing concerns what exactly will happen to the Deadpool franchise. Ryan Reynolds‘ Merc with the Mouth broke the mold when it debuted with an R-rating and nabbed $363 million domestically on a $58 million budget. (Its sequel, Deadpool 2, brought in $318 million, while a PG-13 cut garnered little interest.) But such vulgarity isn’t usually welcome inside the House of Mouse, leaving Deadpool‘s future uncertain.

Fear not, fans of the fuck word. Speaking during Disney’s Q1 earnings call, CEO Bob Iger noted that Marvel will still very much be in the Deadpool business [via Ashley Rodriguez].

“We see that there is certainly popularity amongst Marvel fans for the R-rated Deadpool films,” Iger said. “We’re going to continue in that business and there might be room for more of that.”

The second part of that statement is a bit vague as to whether Iger is referring specifically to R-rated Marvel movies or like, a gritty Aladdin off-shoot where Abu has a machine gun. The executive did note that Disney is “carefully branding” any potential R-rated movies, which most likely means these projects wouldn’t feel like your classic Disney film on the surface. This, of course, only brings up more questions as to what would happen should Deadpool hypothetically cross over into the decidedly un-meta world of the Avengers films.

The first project that comes to mind with a darker tone is the horror/comic hybrid New Mutants, which has been in development hell for a while now. But while speaking to Collider’s Christina Radish, producer Lauren Shuler Donner revealed that the X-Men projects post-Dark Phoenix are mostly a question mark right now.

“Everything is on hold, since Disney took over,” Donner said. “Right now, it’s all in Disney’s hands. We don’t know what they’re gonna do. Now, it goes to Kevin Feige, who was my protégé. He and I started X-Men together, so I do trust him, not only based on knowing him and knowing how he knows the story so well, but on pure evidence.”

How do you think Disney will handle Deadpool? What other R-rated movies do you think the studio could crank out? Sound off in the comments.


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