Scheduling Conflicts May Prevent Robert Rodriguez from Directing DEADPOOL

     August 30, 2010


Robert Rodriguez may not be telling the tale of the “Merc’ with the Mouth”.  Deadline reports that Fox wants Rodriguez to helm the X-Men Origins: Wolverine spinoff Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds, but scheduling is the major issue.  Both Reynolds and Rodriguez are busy gents and there’s difficult finding a window when they’re both available.  Reynolds is attached to numerous projects (just last night we reported that he had signed on to co-star with Bradley Cooper in buddy-cop action-comedy) and is planning to shoot Safe House with Denzel Washington early next year.  As for Rodriguez, he’s got Spy Kids 4 on his plate.  He tells Deadline, “If they push it back, it would be a lot better for me.”  Of course, then the question becomes whether pushing it back would be a lot better for Reynolds.

Rodriguez’ new film, Machete, opens Friday and stars Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, and Robert De Niro.

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