‘Deadwood’s W. Earl Brown Gushes Over “Gut-Wrenching” Movie Script; Confirms Returning Cast

     August 22, 2018


At the summer TV Critics Association press tour, HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys confirmed that a Deadwood movie from David Milch is on its way, with production starting in October. This has been a long time coming for fans, after the excellent series ended on a somewhat questionable note following a truncated third season in 2006. Not everyone hates it, but as a latecomer to the series who binged it a few years after its finale, that last episode was truly abrupt and depressing. Thus, I’ve been happy to join in the chorus of those calling for a return to Deadwood to wrap things up properly.

Now, W. Earl Brown, who played Dan Dority in the original series and will be reprising his role in the movie, has taken the Twitter to build the hype up for real. One of the things that made Deadwood so distinct is Milch’s gift for language, turning what could have been a more bog-standard Western story into “Shakespeare in the mud,” even styling the dialogue in iambic pentameter. The delightful turns of phrase throughout that series are truly gorgeous, and stick with you for a long time. As Brown writes:

Fan-fucking-tastic, y’all. (Dan-fucking-tastic?)

Daniel Minahan — who, in addition to the original run of Deadwood, has been a longtime collaborator with HBO for series like Game of ThronesTrue Blood, and Big Love — will direct the movie, which will reunite the core cast (Brown also confirmed everyone will be back except one of my personal favorite characters, Silas Adams, played by Titus Welliver, who is filming Bosch). The original series starred Timothy OlyphantIan McShaneMolly ParkerJim BeaverKim DickensBrad DourifJohn HawkesPaula Malcomson … and so many more. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out before, now is the time!

Brown also revealed that filming will start October 5th, and Bloys was hopeful at the press tour that the movie might come out in the spring of 2019.