DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO Trailer Features MAD MAX-Style Vehicles in the Kalahari Desert

     September 5, 2012


If you’re a fan of the Death Race franchise, you’re in luck, because director Roel Reine is back again with a new trailer for Death Race 3: Inferno.  The property kicked off in 2008 with Jason Statham as a prisoner racing against other inmates to win his freedom.  The follow-up film was a prequel, introducing Luke Goss as the seemingly invincible racer, Frankenstein.  Death Race 3: Inferno sees the return of Goss as Frankenstein as the competition now heads to a new locale: South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.  Hit the jump to check out the new trailer and be sure to pick up Death Race 3: Inferno on Blu-ray and DVD early next year.

Here’s the new insane trailer for Death Race 3: Inferno:

Here’s the synopsis for Death Race 3: Inferno:

Convicted cop-killer Carl Lucas, aka Frankenstein, is a superstar driver in the brutal prison yard demolition derby known as Death Race. Only one victory away from winning freedom for himself and his pit crew, Lucas is plunged into an all-new competition more vicious than anything he has experienced before. Pitted against his most ruthless adversaries ever, Lucas fights to keep himself and his team alive in a race in South Africa’s infernal Kalahari Desert. With powerful forces at work behind the scenes to ensure his defeat, will Lucas’ determination to win at all costs mean the end of the road for him?

death-race-infernoCheck out the full press release for Death Race 3: Inferno below (which I think reads much better when done in MONSTER TRUCK VOICE!):

Get ready for an explosive, action-fueled ride when hardened criminals race for their freedom in vicious new vehicles and face off in the ultimate blood sport in the all-new original feature DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO.

In this all-new original feature film based on the hit franchise, the popular Death Race is transported across the globe to the unforgiving and rugged terrain of South Africa where Frankenstein – the greatest Death Race driver of all time – takes on this ultimate challenge to not only save himself, but his pit crew, as well.

Inspired by Roger Corman’s cult classic thrill ride, DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO marks the return of Luke Goss (Death Race 2, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Blade 2), Danny Trejo (DeathRace 2, Machete, “Sons of Anarchy”), Ving Rhames (Death Race 2Mission: Impossible franchise, Pulp Fiction), Fred Koehler (Death Race 1 & 2, “Lost”), Robin Shou (Death Race 1 & 2, Mortal Kombat) and Tanit Phoenix (Death Race 2, “Femme Fatales”).  Also, joining the action are Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II, “Heist”) and Hlubi Mboya (How to Steal 2 Million).

Director Roel Reiné (Death Race 2Scorpion King 3) once again takes the wheel of the explosive, action-thrill ride.  DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO is produced by Mike Elliott (Death Race2Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins Ball), with Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt serving as executive producers.  The screenplay is by Tony Giglio (Death Race 2).

DEATH RACE 3: INFERNO debuts on Blu-ray and DVD in early 2013.


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